Listening for the Sound of Change

Dear friends, Chaos engenders a multitude of things: darkness, disorder, unknown boundaries. A spark in the woods where wilderness is always. There is something to be said of this origin from which we all come from; though cataloged by imaginary lines drawn in the earth, deep down, we know there really is no such thing… Continue reading Listening for the Sound of Change


Notes on Passion + A Resource List

At some point I made myself believe that my deepest passions were unworthy. For me this training happened early on, too young to know better. While every adult around me seemed to be shutting out creativity, I yearned to make a home of it. I was curious, as all children are, to understand more. This… Continue reading Notes on Passion + A Resource List

Notes on Sprouting Energy

This week was full of lessons. The fact that the coming New Moon in Aries and the season of Aries are occurring in tandem, has seemed to amplify the effects. This sprouting energy has also been peppered with some awesome news, and I've curated a few of my favorite gems to share with you!  Sandra… Continue reading Notes on Sprouting Energy

Notes on Reaching Milestones

This weekend has been rainy and a bit chilly, so I've been cuddling up with warm tea and blankets while being intentional about taking time to relax and breathe. I find that doing so instantly helps me recharge and prepare for the week ahead, while also honoring time for reflection. This past week a lot… Continue reading Notes on Reaching Milestones

Bullet Journal Essentials

Recently, I decided to start a Bullet Jounal after reading an article on Buzzfeed. In truth, my first exposure to this concept was back in 2010 while I was on the board at the Chicago Freedom School. One of my fellow board directors utilized a #BuJo, with serious expertise, and it was inspiring to witness her process.The biggest take away for me… Continue reading Bullet Journal Essentials

Freestyle Friday: Volume 20

Happy Friday! I am stoked to deliver a freshly curated Freestyle Friday. Today the theme is all about culture, ecology, and liberation. Here are a few resources I've harvested this week on the topic. Former Chairwoman of the Black Panther Party, Elaine Brown turned a vacant lot in West Oakland into an Urban Farm that will… Continue reading Freestyle Friday: Volume 20