A Year of Restoration

Dear friends, I write to you from my (current) bedroom, a space filled with the aroma of warm coffee and the quiet hum of morning. Outside the sun glows bright on a blanket of snow. Trees extend their joints to the blue sky. Everything around me seems to be in prayer. This moment calls for… Continue reading A Year of Restoration


New Orleans, Louisiana

Last month I shared a post with the top six places my partner and I want to visit before leaving Texas. New Orleans was number one on our list, and I'm happy to say we finally made the trip happen! It was an amazing 4-day adventure filled with delicious food, awesome music, great company, and many… Continue reading New Orleans, Louisiana

Freestyle Friday: Volume 21

In Japan, no matter where you visit, the philosophy of wabi sabi reigns ultimate supreme. A (loose) translation of the term, wabi, is simple beauty, and sabi is change or transformation. This idea, rooted in Zen Buddhist philosophy, permeates the entire archipelago. Today, I've curated a few text and image resources on the topic to share… Continue reading Freestyle Friday: Volume 21