June 2017 New Moon in Cancer

Many things are true at the same time. The solstices and equinoxes remind us of this with each passing year. The fact of season, as it changes in the Western and Eastern hemispheres. The heat of the summer, the cold of the winter. The spring breeze, and the crisp autumn air. All at once, alive… Continue reading June 2017 New Moon in Cancer


Freestyle Friday: Volume 25

This week I had some time off to relax before the next quarter begins. Summer always seems to fly by so fast, and I want to make sure to enjoy it as much as possible. In honor of long days and nights, I put together a mood board with a few items that have caught… Continue reading Freestyle Friday: Volume 25

Whole30 (Round Two!)

Hello, and happy Friday! Today I’m sharing a few grain-free meal ideas that I plan to make during my second Whole30 challenge. I had such great success when I tried the program back in March, that I immediately starting looking forward to the next one. The time has arrived, and I’ve got some great inspiration… Continue reading Whole30 (Round Two!)