Where There Is Struggle, There Is Creativity

Friends, when Mercury is in retrograde, the energy is always a certian shade of awkward, right?  This week , in particular has been characteristically full of intense emotion, and expression. And with this messiness sparks an equal balance of struggle, and creativity. As difficult as it is can be to let life flow the way… Continue reading Where There Is Struggle, There Is Creativity


Turtle Power

Inspiration can com from many sources, and I'm so thankful to be in a field that honors creativity and art, as much as science and medicine. These days, most of my creative energy is going toward styling and organizing our new place. I use Pintrest to keep all of my ideas in one location. Recently,… Continue reading Turtle Power

Library Inspired Bathroom Decor

When it comes to decor, creative reuse is my jazz. The more upcycled and recycled items at home, the better in my opinion. One of my favorite reuses of all time is library-inspired cabinetry. Put one in the bathroom, and magic happens. They are classic, well-made, versitle, and totally appeall to all of us bookish… Continue reading Library Inspired Bathroom Decor