Creating a Green Office: The Before

Dear relatives, My grandmother would have been 91 years old this week (Gemini love!). And this year, I'll be celebrating her life in a way I never expected as I work toward opening an acupuncture clinic and mind-body center in my hometown. In between farm chores, I'll get to design my dream office. I'll be… Continue reading Creating a Green Office: The Before


Botanical Powered Branding

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about how to brand a business. Next summer I will be taking a course focused on how to manage a healthcare/healing arts practice. There's a lot that goes into building and sustaining your own business. The legal, and financial components alone require serious inquire and thorough consideration. But I'll… Continue reading Botanical Powered Branding

Dreaming of a Green Office (Part II)

August is fast approaching, which means that autumn vibe are on their way. The change in season will also officially mark my third year in graduate school-- where has the time gone? It’s wild to think that in two years I will be in my last semester, and on my way to transitioning back to… Continue reading Dreaming of a Green Office (Part II)

Art To Motivate The New Year

The prospect of making changes is something we all face this time of year. As 2015 approaches, there are so many things to be thankful for. The lessons learned, the challenges, the accomplishments, are all a part of what supports the process of internal, and external growth. This October, I celebrated my first year anniversary… Continue reading Art To Motivate The New Year