Artistic Insight: Black Girls In Om

To Om. To sound loudly. To call. This is the wisdom that drives the work of Lauren Ash, founder and Creative Director of Black Girl In Om (BGIO). In the first (of, hopefully, many) online publication of BGIO, Ash and Artistic Director, Zakkiyyah, steer our attention toward 'growth', and the result is nothing short of… Continue reading Artistic Insight: Black Girls In Om


Rain + Revolution 

Rainy days call for poetry, and coffee (or tea if you prefer). The drip-drop of wetnesss pouring from the sky makes me want to curl up and listen, especially to the elders and ancestors whom have shaped my ethics; those whom have loved me into being, even if we've never met. As I listen to… Continue reading Rain + Revolution 

A Cure for the Tuesday Blues

Friends, I think I have the Tuesday Blues (hence the dramatic self portrait). Primary symptoms include a strong desire to stay in bed, watch Ted Talks, and drink warm tea. Secondary symptoms include occasional breaks for food and naps. Well, I suppose that could be likened to needing more sleep. I'm sure it might also… Continue reading A Cure for the Tuesday Blues