Strength to Rise Smoothie

On days when it is challenging to get out of bed, no matter the reason, we can sometimes use a little support. All of us at some point will have days, weeks, or months like this. Mornings when our bodies feel too heavy to motivate, a weight too much to muster. Sometimes the start to the day can feel less like a start and more like a race—a race for which we are not quite ready for.

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47th Mourning

This day has always been tough for me to reconcile. As a woman of Black and Cusabo decent, I was raised Baptist but never took to the religious teachings of the bible. Instead, my loyalty belonged to the Creator, and Mother Earth. Although my faith may look a little different from that of my immediate family, I know we all hold this contradiction in our hearts and minds as mixed race people. Our memories are long, and are often weighted with the fact that we are not supposed to be here. Continue reading “47th Mourning”

Mixtape // 006

I love poetry. In fact, it’s one of the first art forms that I began working with– as early as elementary school, if you can believe it! I’ve actually shared this playlist at least once before, and it never get’s old. I’ll probably listen to this one for years to come. It’s especially good to … Continue reading Mixtape // 006