Mixtape: Arizona + New Mexico

This time last week we were on our way to White Sands, NM driving highways, grazing on leftover snacks, and listening to tunes. Since then I started my LAST term of grad school, and finally received official approval to sit for board exams. In the midst of all this, I can't stop thinking about our trip… Continue reading Mixtape: Arizona + New Mexico


Mixtape 19: Steady Bloomin’

Hey comrades. It's been a few months since I shared a new Mixtape, so I thought today I'd change that situation ;) I put together a new playlist of all the songs I've been listening to recently. You can always check out the Music archives for more mixes, or join me on Spotify! Have a rad… Continue reading Mixtape 19: Steady Bloomin’

Full Moon In Gemini (+ A Soundtrack)

Duality is such an important lesson for humans. We fight it, tooth and nail, but there is no running away from the fact it is in us. Inherently, abundantly, deeply. And the Full Moon in Gemini today at 4:44 PM CST is a full-on reminder of this.  Right on time, the moon enters Gemini today.… Continue reading Full Moon In Gemini (+ A Soundtrack)