Meditation Cushion Roundup

Meditation is a powerful self-care tool. For at least the past decade, the subject of mindful meditation has benefited from the rigor of scientific research, and subsequent rise public interest. In a 2014 study, a group of 38 adult participants with high levels of self-criticism showed marked reduction in depressive symptoms in addition to increased self-compassion. Maintaining a regular meditation practice… Continue reading Meditation Cushion Roundup


The Pelvic Girdle: A Golden Seat of Instinct

During meditation this morning I found myself imagining my pelvic girdle as a large golden bowl. In truth, this anatomical region where the Ischium, Ilium, and Pubis interact does resemble the shape of a bowl, or a half-moon.  Side note: there is a Blue Moon (the second full moon this month) tonight in Aquarius. You… Continue reading The Pelvic Girdle: A Golden Seat of Instinct