9 Items To Inspire Your Self-Care

As 2015 comes to a close, I've noticed that a lot of folks (including myself) are starting to rethink the idea of a New Year resolution. Instead of scrambling to commit to something new, I've witnessed that people are opting to reclaim their sense purpose, dream bigger, and root right where there are.Although the prospect… Continue reading 9 Items To Inspire Your Self-Care


When in Doubt (Go with Vegetables)

When in doubt, go with vegetables. Yes, honey. It's been my motto for the past few months, and these words has kept me from making unwise choices more than a handful of times. Now that the New Year is approaching, I want to take this motto one step farther with a legit personal challenge. The goals… Continue reading When in Doubt (Go with Vegetables)

10 Ideas To Unplug (and Reconnect)

I was recently asked to design a 30-day program geared toward unplugging from technology in order to develop better self-care habits. The goals for this project were relatively simple, and coming up with ideas that were flexible and accessible was a fun challenge. Designing this type of personalized program was a perfect way to welcome the… Continue reading 10 Ideas To Unplug (and Reconnect)

Dreaming of a Green Office (Part II)

August is fast approaching, which means that autumn vibe are on their way. The change in season will also officially mark my third year in graduate school-- where has the time gone? It’s wild to think that in two years I will be in my last semester, and on my way to transitioning back to… Continue reading Dreaming of a Green Office (Part II)