Coffee Alternatives (An Update!)

The Universe is really something. She loves to reveal things, usually in the midst of something else going on. When I set out on my no coffee quest over a month ago, I thought my task was simple—don't drink coffee. Simple it was not. I struggled all way, and at week two, appropriately on April… Continue reading Coffee Alternatives (An Update!)


Sunday Pearls: Ready for Change

Next week begins my month-long journey without coffee. I've spent most of last week, and the weekend, trying to prepare myself mentally and physically. Needless to say, I definitely got it IN the past two days, (mostly) enjoying cup after cup while I completed work, and ran errands. Now, the challenge beings.Thankfully I have plenty of… Continue reading Sunday Pearls: Ready for Change

Coffee Alternatives

In my family coffee is a ritual. I grew up going over to my grandparents house in the summers. I’d arrive early in the morning. Sometime granny would still be in her pajamas, sometimes grandpa would still be sleeping. She and I would sit in the kitchen and have breakfast together, usually eggs and toast.… Continue reading Coffee Alternatives

9 Items To Inspire Your Self-Care

As 2015 comes to a close, I've noticed that a lot of folks (including myself) are starting to rethink the idea of a New Year resolution. Instead of scrambling to commit to something new, I've witnessed that people are opting to reclaim their sense purpose, dream bigger, and root right where there are.Although the prospect… Continue reading 9 Items To Inspire Your Self-Care

Women of Color Who DIY: Wellness

Women Of Color Who DIY Wellness

Today I have another WOC who DIY on deck. The last edition was all about books. For this go-around I've complied a list of some of my favorite wellness-focused shops. Most of the women of color featured here are multi-talented makers whose skills are vast in the arts and sciences—each with their own unique approach… Continue reading Women of Color Who DIY: Wellness

Free/Style: Journey, Transformation, and Awareness

The energy in our world right now is heavy. This week has been quite the conundrum. It all feels like a struggle, but I managed to move toward solutions; toward personal healing. I read The Salt Eaters, a book that I've been holding in my heart center for a few years now. I took a… Continue reading Free/Style: Journey, Transformation, and Awareness