Notes on Community, Collaboration, and Collective Work

By next week's end marks I will have completed my last winter term as a graduate student. As the weeks and months go by, I continue to return to a piece of advice offered to me by an alumnae (and mentor) before she left the Austin area. The phrase, "finish strong", still resonates as deep… Continue reading Notes on Community, Collaboration, and Collective Work


Free/Style: Journey, Transformation, and Awareness

The energy in our world right now is heavy. This week has been quite the conundrum. It all feels like a struggle, but I managed to move toward solutions; toward personal healing. I read The Salt Eaters, a book that I've been holding in my heart center for a few years now. I took a… Continue reading Free/Style: Journey, Transformation, and Awareness

Free/Style: Black Feminism and Healing

  There are three works that are especially speaking to my heart this week: I love this grounding interview with Richael Faithful, the self-named Black Street Shaman, which was published on Color Lines last month. I am so moved by the Black Feminist Breathing Chorus: A 21-Day Meditation Experience created by Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs.… Continue reading Free/Style: Black Feminism and Healing

Whole 30: Week 4 (The Finish Line!)

Yesterday, I was walking to work while brainstorming ideas for this post. I thought about the tone of the piece, the photography, and the overall message. When I woke up this morning, I was amped to get started. Then I realized there were other pressing matters to attend to, like the laundry and dishes ;)… Continue reading Whole 30: Week 4 (The Finish Line!)