March Full Worm Moon

Dear friends,

I hope this note finds you well. Can you believe it’s almost April!? This year seems to be going by so fast. If feels overwhelming sometimes. Mostly, it feels regenerative.

I think growth happens like that. At times in spurts. At times at a glacial pace. It is Spring after all. The season of germination, movement, and blooming forth. It’s no wonder why International Women’s Month 2018 was felt with such fervor. Why #MarchForOurLives had such a powerful impact, making headway as one of the largest protests and most successful voter registration campaigns in history.

Here we are. At the edge of the synapse. Tending to our fires. We are here to rise. To our potential. To the dream of our ancestors. To ensure the creation of a world where we all get to thrive.

It’s the last day of March. The emergence of Full Worm/Full Sap/Full Blue Moon. A time when the Earth softens, buds rise, and sap flows from maple trees. So much about this month embodies the essence of transformation, a process that gives way to hope. Many things have shifted for me, as I’m sure is true for some of you as well. In this moment of becoming, I’ve been made to pause over and over. To rearrange what I thought was certain. To return over and over to the places in myself that need tenderness. To soften. To rise. To flow.

I hope for more thriving. More radical transformation. For growth to follow its own flow. For alignment through regenerative praxis. For the courage it will take to let the wounds heal wholly. May they form constellations that will lead us toward full expression and experience.

May this Full Worm Moon in Libra, with all its glorious challenges and revelations, be blessed for you and yours.

xo, Christian








July 2017 Full Moon in Capricorn

Being human is about being dynamic: to be in a constant state of change. To transform. To work out and unpack. To come undone. To mold and create from the core. To learn how to be. To breathe and think and dream. To survive told and untold traumas. To live through all this, remaining resourced and resolute in the process, in itself, an act of of radical hope.

The Full Moon will ease on into the sign of Capricorn on July 8, 2017 at 10:08 PM CST. Capricorn, traditionally theorized to be a sea-goat, is an Earth sign with ancestral ties to water. Known for its agile and surefooted nature, Capricorn understands that achievement requires a balance between gregariousness and introversion. This Full Moon helps to culminate what was started during the New Moon, serving as a reminder to value healthy relationship to self, community, and environment.

Earlier this month, the New Moon was in Cancer, the contemplative crab. This is a sign concerned with nurturing the process of navigation, as much as it is with getting to the destination. With the sun now in Cancer, and the Moon in Capricorn, this moment illuminates the consequences of change, for better or for worse. Change is direct reflection of the dynamic power of the Universe. It is an inevitable, and uncomfortable process. It is movement that pushes the boundaries of what we think is possible. It is a dance between two ends of the the spectrum, demanding full attention be given to the parts of us that remain in opposition to the other.

Tension is necessary in order to maintain structural integrity. But tension does not necessitate making an enemy out of the other side. That which holds us up is not just about the ends. It is about the means; the rainbow of experiences that rests in middle ground providing the juice of the story. A central component of Chinese medicine is the principle of Ben and Biao. Ben is the root. Biao is the branch. Ben is etiology. Biao is symptomology. When immunity is compromised and resistance is down, external pathogens tend to invade and oppress the whole system. This is an all too familiar concept when it comes to matters of equity and justice.

The fact of tension, injustice, or opposition is as real is the yearning for freedom. The vision for liberation that is a collective, solution-based approach, can serve to strengthen and empower immunity that is needed to recover from both acute and chronic issues. This Full Moon offers an important opportunity to level-up our commitment to compassionate intention. May we take time to lean into the process of change and healing from the ground up.

In Full Moon solidarity,


Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Alchemy of Care

The construction of consciousness is dynamic and ever-lasting. It’s hard as hell, and it’s as beautiful as the night sky. Both must be because that’s how this universe works its alchemy, magically magnetizing and de-magnetizing elements together, apart, and back together again. It is a most elegant and careful dance.

The Full Moon occurs Friday, June 9th at 8:11 AM CST in the sign of Sagittarius, the archer ruled by Jupiter. The outspoken optimist who seeks freedom from oppression. There is an equal restlessness and depth within the centaur; a fire the motivates. Sagittarius reminds us to steady our focus, and to be resolute in our pursuit of consciousness.

At the other end of the spectrum rests the sun in the sign of Gemini. This particular moment manifests a mental axis between logic and intuition. The energy here yearns for attention to be centered on the point of pivot—to consider what strategies will harness the most transformative outcome. It asks for sincerity. It request as many f*%@s! to be given as is necessary for the work and healing that is calling us as individuals, as well as within our communities.

Care, like love, is a verb. And this Full Moon reinforces that skill. Care affects how we communicate, our attitudes, and the decisions we make. As the moon grows its light, becoming brighter and bigger, our emotions mirror that growth. The greater the compassion made available to revolutionize personal systems of care, the better chance we have at dismantling institutions that cause systemic harm and threaten our capacity to recognize connection.

I hope that this moment brews your intentions toward rituals, remedies, and resources that nurture and care for you deeply.

In Full Moon solidarity,


Cover Image by Bob Wong for Art of Acupuncture [Image of person with moxa cone at Du20]

Leo Lunar Eclipse: The Urgency of Now

We brave so much in a lifetime. We stand, often at the junction of then and now, willing to reconcile in the moment despite the unknown. Our bodies threatened. Our minds made to jump through hoops. Our souls degraded. And yet everyday, we wake up, suit up, take back, reclaim, and keep pushing on. Continue reading “Leo Lunar Eclipse: The Urgency of Now”