Notes on Adaptability, Survival & Emergence in a Time of Earthly Transformation

My grandmother was a collector. A curator of ideas and stories. Before starting grad school in 2013 my mother, partner and I were put to the task of cleaning out her house. She and my grandfather had walked on to the realm of the ancestors a year prior, and everything in their house went unchanged… Continue reading Notes on Adaptability, Survival & Emergence in a Time of Earthly Transformation


Water is Where We Begin

Here lately, when I sit down to write my thoughts seem to migrate toward a very particular direction. In place of what was once a sense of confusion and underestimation, is an  understanding of my capacity as a human being. I attribute this realization, in part, to being a grad student. It's been an honor… Continue reading Water is Where We Begin

Notes on Earthworms

The earth is in constant motion. I was recently reminded of that fact while moving through the first few pages of  The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms, by Amy Stewart. I recently picked up a copy at my local library after browsing the shelves and stumbling on the environmental-related materials. It was… Continue reading Notes on Earthworms

Freestyle Friday: Volume 20

Happy Friday! I am stoked to deliver a freshly curated Freestyle Friday. Today the theme is all about culture, ecology, and liberation. Here are a few resources I've harvested this week on the topic. Former Chairwoman of the Black Panther Party, Elaine Brown turned a vacant lot in West Oakland into an Urban Farm that will… Continue reading Freestyle Friday: Volume 20

Connection and Co-Existence

Everyday I am in awe of the beauty and magic of nature, and much of my Instagram feed is devoted to honoring the natural world. In fact, we are seeing a huge trend right now in plant appreciation. Social media is bubbling to the brim on botanical love with hashtags like #plantlady. I can't help but wonder… Continue reading Connection and Co-Existence