Notes on Adaptability, Survival & Emergence in a Time of Earthly Transformation

My grandmother was a collector. A curator of ideas and stories. Before starting grad school in 2013 my mother, partner and I were put to the task of cleaning out her house. She and my grandfather had walked on to the realm of the ancestors a year prior, and everything in their house went unchanged … Continue reading Notes on Adaptability, Survival & Emergence in a Time of Earthly Transformation

Water is Where We Begin

Here lately, when I sit down to write my thoughts seem to migrate toward a very particular direction. In place of what was once a sense of confusion and underestimation, is an  understanding of my capacity as a human being. I attribute this realization, in part, to being a grad student. It’s been an honor to learn from such skilled and compassionate mentors and instructors over the years, and I don’t take this experience for granted. The most profound tool that I’ve learned is to trust and nurture my relationship with the Earth. It is a lesson that was first gifted to me by my grandmother. Reclaiming that knowledge, ancestral and ancient, is how I’ve been able to gradually gain confidence and clarity. Continue reading “Water is Where We Begin”

Notes on Earthworms

The earth is in constant motion. I was recently reminded of that fact while moving through the first few pages of  The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms, by Amy Stewart. I recently picked up a copy at my local library after browsing the shelves and stumbling on the environmental-related materials. It was a humble and diverse section nestled next to the poetry. A fine position, as I am learning that the Earthworm is the most unsung of all poets. Continue reading “Notes on Earthworms”

Connection and Co-Existence

Everyday I am in awe of the beauty and magic of nature, and much of my Instagram feed is devoted to honoring the natural world. In fact, we are seeing a huge trend right now in plant appreciation. Social media is bubbling to the brim on botanical love with hashtags like #plantlady. I can’t help but wonder if this new found “obsession” with plant-life might make way for more concrete concerns. Continue reading “Connection and Co-Existence”