Of Note: Anatomy of Digestion Dining Set

Anatomy_Boutique_Anatomy_of_Digestion_Set_4_platesThe life of a graduate student (as you know, or can imagine) is all about reading. We read and process a variety of materials on a daily basis, which can be hard on the old eyes. One way I like to give my eyes (and brain) a break is by checking out the latest in anatomical art and design over at Street Anatomy. They recently added a new line of china that features the anatomy and histology of the digestive system. The stunning black and white images really highlight the organic patterns, yes? Continue reading “Of Note: Anatomy of Digestion Dining Set”

Floating Flower Garden

Happy spring, friends! I don’t know why, but the Universe saw it fit to introduce me to this amazing article about the recently designed floating flower garden in Tokyo. I know, right!? Not only is this an amazing accomplishment in the realm of green architecture, but a truly kinetic experience. Thanks to the beautiful brains … Continue reading Floating Flower Garden