Creating a Green Office: The Before

Dear relatives, My grandmother would have been 91 years old this week (Gemini love!). And this year, I'll be celebrating her life in a way I never expected as I work toward opening an acupuncture clinic and mind-body center in my hometown. In between farm chores, I'll get to design my dream office. I'll be… Continue reading Creating a Green Office: The Before


Of Note: Anatomy of Digestion Dining Set

The life of a graduate student (as you know, or can imagine) is all about reading. We read and process a variety of materials on a daily basis, which can be hard on the old eyes. One way I like to give my eyes (and brain) a break is by checking out the latest in… Continue reading Of Note: Anatomy of Digestion Dining Set

Where There Is Struggle, There Is Creativity

Friends, when Mercury is in retrograde, the energy is always a certian shade of awkward, right?  This week , in particular has been characteristically full of intense emotion, and expression. And with this messiness sparks an equal balance of struggle, and creativity. As difficult as it is can be to let life flow the way… Continue reading Where There Is Struggle, There Is Creativity