April 2018 Full Pink Moon

Dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you well, post Full Pink Moon in Scorpio intensity.

The month of April proved true to its character. Full of showers of all sorts. Rainy days give way to momentous blooming. Truth spilling over from the depths of shadows. Spring asks us to toe the line between what we believe is possible, and what we have yet to imagine.

Spring is associated with the Wood element in Chinese medicine. Wood connects, networks, sets boundaries, lends benevolence and generates the warmth that fuels the element of Fire. By nature, spring holds the energy of both rooting and growing. Seeking to move in all directions. Willing to unfold again and again. Spring is the seed manifested. It is the presence of intention. Every year we have the honor of witnessing the regenerative force behind life itself.

This season, I’ve had the pleasure of joining Lima Sprouts, an inaugural Urban Farmer apprentice program in Lima, OH. I’m really proud of the work my cohort and I have been able to accomplish in our short time together.

One of my goals in joining the program (besides learning about agricultural theory, farming/food systems and sustainability!) is to highlight the connection between soil health and human health. This work has been done by many before me, especially the work of female farmers and farmers of color. I know the work ahead will continue to require consistent advocacy and education. I’m really looking forward to delving into more research—if you have any materials or resources on the topic, feel free to leave me a note!

Another part of this process has called me to lean into my intuition and creativity. And the shape of that leaning has actually led me to new opportunities. To possibilities I could not have imagined. One opportunity has taken the shape of TCM based consultation services. It was something that was on my heart for a while, and once I started to work in farming the call grew louder. Intuitively, I think this work organically nourishes the advocacy and education work and I know it will help me develop more clinical dexterity.

I am equally excited and a little nervous for what is to come. This moment has helped me to trust the learning, the development, the complexity. It is teaching me that with all cycles, generation after generation, there is a world of magic waiting and wanting in the depth to be loved. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, head over to my booking page.  I’m offering a deep discount for the rest of May—$40 for an hour with me over Skype or phone conference to rap about Chinese medicine + Self care, and together we’ll dive into your health + wellness goals. If you’re looking to develop sustainable strategies, earth-based intuition, and next level insight. This offering is for you!

May blessings to you + yours.

xo, Christian





Notes on Integration, Pluralism, and Liberation

Spring has sprung, as they say. I can feel it in every sinew and tendon. Growth is on the horizon as the macro + microcosmic forces of nature urge us toward opening. Emerging is not an easy thing to do. I imagine we (all of us, that is) could share stories for hours about how challenging it is to become and bloom.  The lushness of this green and glorious season has already offered more than a handful of lessons. And this is just the beginning. Continue reading “Notes on Integration, Pluralism, and Liberation”

The New Moon in Scorpio: A Slow-Moving Search for Truth

img_102615Of all the signs, Scorpio is one that I often look to for wisdom. It’s been that way my whole life—my childhood best friend is a Scorpio, and she always had a certain level of grit about her that I admire. Scorpio: the Scorpion, or Eagle is defined by its ability to bring clarity and vision to a situation. This is the sign that thrives on tensegrity (tension + integrity), seeking freedom on the highest mountain top, and in the deepest sea. Scorpions have an uncanny ability to see and this amazing strengthen is most often the residence of their abundant power. Continue reading “The New Moon in Scorpio: A Slow-Moving Search for Truth”

Lessons Learned in Clinic Theatre (Part I)

Healing TraumaThis summer I started my journey as a clinical intern. The school that I attend has a really amazing student clinic where patients can schedule appointments that are affordable, and qualitative. Each patient gets a full 90 minutes, which includes an intake, herbal consultation, and acupuncture treatment.

In order to be an intern, I had to take nearly 100 credits over the last two years– many days and nights have been spent agonizing over tests and grades. Getting here, at one point, felt impossible. Now that I’m halfway finished with the program, I’d like to offer some insight on a particular class that’s been one of the most helpful along the way. I hope this will prove helpful for anyone and everyone interested in holistic health. Continue reading “Lessons Learned in Clinic Theatre (Part I)”

Lessons Learned In Single Herbs

Botanicals are really beautiful, no matter the stage of their life cycle. In my last quarter of single herbs, I finally feel as though I am scratching the surface. In the summer I am taking patents, where I will start learning about the pharmaceutical component of Chinese medicine. After patents, I will start the first level of Formulas, which will pull all of my knowledge of single herbs, and patents together. I am equally excited, and a bit intimidated, but will give it my best effort.

One lesson I’ve learned from the study of herbal medicine is that it is important to get to know your botanicals! Each family and sub-family has its own set of characteristics, and functions. Much like in Western herbology, Chinese medicine organizes herbs into major and minor categories. It can get overwhelming, but remaining humble, and showing respect to our plant ancestors goes a long way!

In an effort to show my respect, and piece information together, I decided to document my process through photography. I actually made a similar attempt about a year ago during the first term of single herbs, but found it challenging to keep up. This time around, I’m creating a more cohesive schedule so that I can stay on top of things. These are a few test shots to get me thinking about the kind of aesthetic I want to portray, and I am sure the herbs will provide a bit of creative guidance as well ;)

I will be sharing my ideas, and a few final pieces on the blog as the project develops. I can’t wait to hear your feedback! What creative side projects are you working on lately?

In solidarity,