Reflections on Mother’s Day

It’s early morning. The house is quite. I am sitting in my child’s room on the edge of being 5 weeks postpartum. I switch on the electric pump, and contemplate my current surroundings. Four years after the devastating loss of my first child, I find myself on the other end of the spectrum. Yes, I am the mother of a radiant son. It is also true that I am the mother of a child who did not make it Earth side. I birthed them both, and love them with equal fervor. Continue reading Reflections on Mother’s Day

Notes on Integration, Pluralism, and Liberation

Spring has sprung, as they say. I can feel it in every sinew and tendon. Growth is on the horizon as the macro + microcosmic forces of nature urge us toward opening. Emerging is not an easy thing to do. I imagine we (all of us, that is) could share stories for hours about how challenging it is to become and bloom.  The lushness of this green and glorious season has already offered more than a handful of lessons. And this is just the beginning. Continue reading “Notes on Integration, Pluralism, and Liberation”

The New Moon in Scorpio: A Slow-Moving Search for Truth

img_102615Of all the signs, Scorpio is one that I often look to for wisdom. It’s been that way my whole life—my childhood best friend is a Scorpio, and she always had a certain level of grit about her that I admire. Scorpio: the Scorpion, or Eagle is defined by its ability to bring clarity and vision to a situation. This is the sign that thrives on tensegrity (tension + integrity), seeking freedom on the highest mountain top, and in the deepest sea. Scorpions have an uncanny ability to see and this amazing strengthen is most often the residence of their abundant power. Continue reading “The New Moon in Scorpio: A Slow-Moving Search for Truth”