Listening for the Sound of Change

Dear friends, Chaos engenders a multitude of things: darkness, disorder, unknown boundaries. A spark in the woods where wilderness is always. There is something to be said of this origin from which we all come from; though cataloged by imaginary lines drawn in the earth, deep down, we know there really is no such thing… Continue reading Listening for the Sound of Change


Notes on Sprouting Energy

This week was full of lessons. The fact that the coming New Moon in Aries and the season of Aries are occurring in tandem, has seemed to amplify the effects. This sprouting energy has also been peppered with some awesome news, and I've curated a few of my favorite gems to share with you!  Sandra… Continue reading Notes on Sprouting Energy

November 14, 2016 Super Full Moon in Taurus

Much has transpired in the last two months. Indigenous communities and allies from around the world have gathered with the Standing Rock Sioux at the Oceti Sakowin Camp in solidarity to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. An election season has now come and gone, a process which made clear how polarized our politics really are.… Continue reading November 14, 2016 Super Full Moon in Taurus

Winter Solstice 2015: A Shift In Focus

Today is all about the in between. The fade from light to dark. The edge of two seasons. The shift from one frame of mind to the next. The Winter solstice marks the shortest day. It's the time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when the dawn lingers a little longer across the sky, and… Continue reading Winter Solstice 2015: A Shift In Focus

Free/Style: On Finding Home, Health, and Heart

We are all striving to find a unique sense of home: that sacred space where we can just be. It's a privilege, really, to be afforded the opportunity to create such a place. The most marginalized of us will only have the chance to dream of home in this life. Whether that be a dream of… Continue reading Free/Style: On Finding Home, Health, and Heart