Notes on Reaching Milestones

This weekend has been rainy and a bit chilly, so I've been cuddling up with warm tea and blankets while being intentional about taking time to relax and breathe. I find that doing so instantly helps me recharge and prepare for the week ahead, while also honoring time for reflection. This past week a lot… Continue reading Notes on Reaching Milestones


Freestyle Friday: Volume 23

It's Friday, and I'm stoked about studying formulas. I have a final next week (and the week after), and I'm planning out the weekend so there is time for work, and fun. Today I have a fresh curation of some dope finds around the web—from handmade ceramics, to gun control, the Full Moon Solstice energy… Continue reading Freestyle Friday: Volume 23

2016 Photo Calendar

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to launch a 2016 calendar featuring original photography, and it was a great success! The limited prints have sold quickly, and it has been such a joy to send these babes off in to the world! I'm feeling inspired to keep the momentum going with this project, and so I've… Continue reading 2016 Photo Calendar

Christmas Full Moon in Cancer: Coming Home

There comes a time when the inner and outer self start to communicate in deep, and meaningful ways. And once the line is open, really open, things get interesting. This conversation happens at different points in all our lives. It may happen several times. It may be continuous. It may close, and require us to… Continue reading Christmas Full Moon in Cancer: Coming Home