Notes on Integration, Pluralism, and Liberation

Spring has sprung, as they say. I can feel it in every sinew and tendon. Growth is on the horizon as the macro + microcosmic forces of nature urge us toward opening. Emerging is not an easy thing to do. I imagine we (all of us, that is) could share stories for hours about how challenging it is to become and bloom.  The lushness of this green and glorious season has already offered more than a handful of lessons. And this is just the beginning. Continue reading “Notes on Integration, Pluralism, and Liberation”

Notes on Community, Collaboration, and Collective Work

By next week’s end marks I will have completed my last winter term as a graduate student. As the weeks and months go by, I continue to return to a piece of advice offered to me by an alumnae (and mentor) before she left the Austin area. The phrase, “finish strong”, still resonates as deep as the day she spoke it, and I’ve come to appreciate the possibility of it. I take these words as invitation to show up and do the work I am meant to do. I also see this as an invitation to question my personal convictions and ideas about what is possible in the field of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Continue reading “Notes on Community, Collaboration, and Collective Work”