March Full Worm Moon

Dear friends,

I hope this note finds you well. Can you believe it’s almost April!? This year seems to be going by so fast. If feels overwhelming sometimes. Mostly, it feels regenerative.

I think growth happens like that. At times in spurts. At times at a glacial pace. It is Spring after all. The season of germination, movement, and blooming forth. It’s no wonder why International Women’s Month 2018 was felt with such fervor. Why #MarchForOurLives had such a powerful impact, making headway as one of the largest protests and most successful voter registration campaigns in history.

Here we are. At the edge of the synapse. Tending to our fires. We are here to rise. To our potential. To the dream of our ancestors. To ensure the creation of a world where we all get to thrive.

It’s the last day of March. The emergence of Full Worm/Full Sap/Full Blue Moon. A time when the Earth softens, buds rise, and sap flows from maple trees. So much about this month embodies the essence of transformation, a process that gives way to hope. Many things have shifted for me, as I’m sure is true for some of you as well. In this moment of becoming, I’ve been made to pause over and over. To rearrange what I thought was certain. To return over and over to the places in myself that need tenderness. To soften. To rise. To flow.

I hope for more thriving. More radical transformation. For growth to follow its own flow. For alignment through regenerative praxis. For the courage it will take to let the wounds heal wholly. May they form constellations that will lead us toward full expression and experience.

May this Full Worm Moon in Libra, with all its glorious challenges and revelations, be blessed for you and yours.

xo, Christian








Mixtape 16

Each day provides multiple opportunities to begin. As an individual. As a member of a community. For all we are related to. Today’s New Moon embodies that spirit, as it moves into the Earth sign of Capricorn.

Earth is a supportive facilitator for Water. Providing a base through which Water is able to permeate. The essence of Earth — both the physical planet, as well the energetic quality of the land itself — is absorbed in what is possible. The Earth is common ground for creativity and insight, with an immense power to regenerate and restore.

In honor of the New Moon, and the coming Lunar New Year I’m taking a ‘lil rest from the screen. I’m thankful for the time and space to align with spirit for work ahead. I put together a playlist for the journey I’m about to delve into, and put up a link in my bio if you’d like to listen.

See y’all next week!


In Solidarity + New Moon Blessings,


A Year of Restoration

Dear friends,

I write to you from my (current) bedroom, a space filled with the aroma of warm coffee and the quiet hum of morning. Outside the sun glows bright on a blanket of snow. Trees extend their joints to the blue sky. Everything around me seems to be in prayer. This moment calls for a commitment to memory. I will need to summon it again and again because I am human and, sometimes, I forget. This moment calls for a commitment to action, as Maxine Hong Kingston taught us, “In a time of destruction, create something”. And if prayer is the act of creation, then I will pray harder than ever.

The transition between “new” and “old” does not start or end when the clock strikes midnight. It is ever-changing. It is the sloughing off of that which is no longer of service, and the integration of habit in hopes of creating a more sustained self. We are alive during this moment of transition for a reason, and there is no better time to continue the work of healing.

Staying accountable to personal healing is possible if we decide to keep coming home to ourselves. Seeking to remember that we are flexible, resourceful, creative, and resilient beings manifests greater humility and courage. In order to make room for whole-self and whole-community liberation we must tirelessly return to the work that is bone-deep. cropped-file_000-7.jpegThis deep work takes a level of clarity, compassion and consistency that we often forget we have access to (I’m raising my hand over here!). To level up in 2018 while embracing whatever fears may accompany struggle, is to hold space for restoration of personal and communal power.

A few years back, I shared 10 Ideas to Unplug (and Reconnect), and today I’m revisiting that initial work with a reiteration which provides more detail and structure. As the coming year unfolds I’ll be harnessing this vision as a navigation guide. If this resonates, feel free to utilize it in whatever way feels good to you.

Schedule health checks and self-care

The end of the year proved to be challenging health-wise. It was a good reminder to make sure that I prioritize my healing and well-being. By scheduling wellness check-ups and self-care dates early on, I hope to maintain a healthy awareness throughout the whole year.cropped-dsc_0809.jpg Organize staycations and road trips

Being back in the Midwest has allowed me to see how much I don’t know about Ohio. I intend to learn more about my home state by planning as many getaways and staycations throughout the year as possible. I will definitely be writing about these adventures in the new year, and will post on the site. 

Wake up (early)

Waking up early in the morning is one of my greatest pleasures. I find peace in the still moments when sun the rises. On snowy days it is barely seen, but the brightness that gleams from the earth lets me know it is there. Even though I love waking early, there are days when I struggle to move my body from the warm, soft sheets. One new ritual I plan to incorporate is to place my phone across the room from the bed, and set the alarm to a gentle, uplifting song. The transit time and music will be a good muse to help motive me to stay woke. One current ritual that I will be keeping in 2018 is planning nourishing and exciting meals for breakfast. I’ve loved making my first activity of the day something that involves creativity and self-care.DSC_0938 Create something

Writing, like reading, is a means to deepen our understanding and experience. I’ve written about creativity many times before on the blog. In the past I’ve often tried to set too many limitations on myself when it comes to creative expression. A practice that has been an ally to me is writing my ideas down first. Whether I have a vision for a photo shoot, poem or wellness workshop, jotting it down helps to bring the idea for fruition.

Prioritize literacy

Literacy is a privilege. It affords opportunity. It connects us to the legacy of storytelling. It reminds us that we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors. Literacy reminds us that we are resourceful beings. While in grad school, I spent a lot of focused time reading, studying, and integrating information from both classical and modern medical texts. It was deeply nerdy and humbling. It helped to root the knowledge in a profound way and supported my practical application in clinic. The experience shaped me as a reader in ways that I will spend a lifetime learning from. Visiting libraries, museums, independent art shows, and attending classes are common ground ways in which we can cultivate literacy. Learning with others in community provides ample opportunity for consciousness to grow. It also gets us out into the world, which can be a sweet retreat from the constant pull to be online all the time.dsc_0823 Cultivate mental dexterity

There are times when my work requires that I spend a significant amount of time online. It’s difficult to avoid the internet altogether, but setting appropriate boundaries is just the remedy I need to keep my mind supple. We can always give ourselves the gift of planned time away during the day, week, month, and year. Carving out space to dream is critical sustenance for survival. I wish to grow mental dexterity in the New Year through more prayer and meditation.  Taking a walk around the neighborhood, or in the woods. Being in group with others. Cooking a new or favorite dish. All provide an opportunity to move beyond the limitation of patterned thoughts, to reorient toward less stress and more flexibility.

Redefine exercise

Movement teaches us about the complexity of life. The stretch of muscle fibers. The graceful open of a wing. We crawl and stand. We sit motionless, and jolt quick as a lightning bolt. Every creation on the planet has a signature, which is eloquently expressed in the way that it moves. There is power in movement—be it physiological, an expression of solidarity, or the shifting force of tectonic plates. In redefining exercise, I’m also considering what it means to be empowered. In the coming year I seek to strengthen my power by refining my Qigong and Taiji skills. I look forward to breaking down each movement and form into small digestible components. I have a feeling this process will allow me to unfold in unexpected ways, and remind me to work toward right relationship with the earth.ChristianTotty_DyshaWaites I’d love to hear your tips on how to embrace restoration in the coming year. Thanks for reading mine. 

May we continue to remember who we come from. May we uplift our unique cultures and traditions. May we grow in capacity to love more deeply. May we be unafraid to make magic that is rooted in profound gratitude and imagination.

New Year Blessings.

In solidarity,



Winter Solstice 2017 + Shop Update

Dear friends,

I hope this solstice/holiday season finds you well. This time of year is always full of change and transformation. As autumn wraps up consolidating all that is necessary for winter storage, we often engage in deep reflection.

One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is clarity.  The last month has been especially calling for greater precision and focus. At the same time, after four years of rigorous studying, my body and mind is in need of an honest rest. It’s been a challenge, but I’ve slowly been inching my way toward what I need. I yearn for quiet spaces and quality time for contemplation, and this Winter Solstice (and New Year) I hope to bring more coherence into all aspects of life.

Aligned with potent energy of the season, I’ve shifted my online shop to focus on small batch photography prints. The shop update is infused with this energy — a sampling of work made over the last year embedded with intention to foster a slow and creative life.  The first offering features cacti, a botanical that offers great wisdom on resilience, sustainability and clarity. I hope you enjoy the first batch! To view the new collection, visit my shop.

Thank you for your continued support. Blessed holidays to you and yours!







Listening for the Sound of Change

Dear friends,

Chaos engenders a multitude of things: darkness, disorder, unknown boundaries. A spark in the woods where wilderness is always. There is something to be said of this origin from which we all come from; though cataloged by imaginary lines drawn in the earth, deep down, we know there really is no such thing as a border.

During yesterday’s Full Moon in Taurus, planet that governs the physical, I could sense the dance of molecules on my skin–the largest of all bodily organs ruled by the respiratory system. Breathing deeply at this moment is intuitive, so I do what comes natural. In and out gases quickly exchange, as the sun in Scorpio compliments this earthly energy; a final water before the grand consolidation of solstice.

I look outside a large window in my small apartment noticing that the land is mostly dry after an evening rain. It occurs to me that this view will soon change. In a month time, the place I’ve called home for four years will no longer be what I awake to each day. This light brown carpet that has come to comfort me will be torn up to make way for laminate wood flooring. The wall color, an oddly muted shade of terra-cotta, will shift to light grey. The home we’ve made out of tangible and intangible things like fabric, plants, and intention, will be put away in boxes. There will be a fair amount of letting go, sorting to be done between designated piles, “donate”, “keep”, “gift”. I’ve been here so many times before, and I know that experience can ease the awkward pain that comes with transition. I admit my intimidation this time around. The process of moving always proves that it is possible to be clear and confused about something at the same time.

When faced with the chaotic hum that often becomes more distinct when making big life transitions I find some reprieve in listening more deeply. To turn my senses in and toward, instead of out and away from the sound of change. When I do, all sorts of guidance finds me from diverse sources. Recently, I’ve found comfort in the following. Perhaps you’ll find something you need here, too.

Season 2 of the Fortification Podcast  hosted by Caitlin Breedlove.

Joan Didion documentary available on Netflix.

PBS American Masters documentary series celebrating Maya Angelou.

A panel discussion with Tara Houska, Alicia Garza, Jidan Koon-Terry.

Chani Nicholas’ astro-offering for the November 2017 Full Moon in Taurus.


In solidarity,


Credits // Model pictured: Dysha Waites

Notes on Resilience

Dear friends,

Can I be honest? This week has been hard. It has triggered old wounds and new wounds, bringing sediment to the surface so that it may be examined. This week I found myself uncomfortable in my own vulnerability as I watched the #MeToo dialogue unfold. Challenging as it has been to revisit personal experiences, I know this conversation (a movement that began over 10 years ago) is necessary, urgent, and on time as the New Moon settles into Libra, a sign with concern for connection, relationship, and balance.

I hope you are taking care in whatever ways you need. One of the ways I’ve tried to do this is by engaging more deeply with what I love—photograpy and plants. This past July I had the opportunity unite the two while visiting the American Botanical Council for a tour and lecture. Listening to the stories of the plants and seeing them thrive reminded me of their resilient power. It was an honor to witness.

Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola
He Shou Wu
He Shou Wu
Ma Huang
Ma Huang
Plantian 1

In sharing these images today, I am also reminded how resiliency in nature can offer poignant learning opportunities, lessons that are centered on the elimination of systemic violence—whether in a prison, a home, or a garden.

In solidarity,



MeToo Movement website

DemocracyNow! in conversation with #MeToo founder Tarana Burke

In These Times Interviews for Resistance with Mariame Kaba and Shira Hassan

American Botanical Council