Podcasts On Heavy Rotation

This time next week we’ll be heading home. As we move closer to our road trip, I’ve been feeling much more peaceful—it’s been a stressful few weeks, and I’m so thankful to have a break! My partner and I are mapping out an itinerary this weekend (keeping things flexible, of course!). I decided to get an early start in the audio department by making sure we have a variety of quality music, podcasts, and other fun things to listen to during the 18+ hour drive from Texas to Ohio.  Continue reading “Podcasts On Heavy Rotation”


New Orleans, Louisiana

Last month I shared a post with the top six places my partner and I want to visit before leaving Texas. New Orleans was number one on our list, and I’m happy to say we finally made the trip happen! It was an amazing 4-day adventure filled with delicious food, awesome music, great company, and many lessons along the way.  Continue reading “New Orleans, Louisiana”

Mixtape 17: NOLA 2016

It’s been over 10 years since I first visited New Orleans (NOLA). I was an intern at the Highlander Center at the time, and had the opportunity to join an amazing caravan of southerners on the road to the Critical Resistance-South conference (I still have my t-shirt from the conference!). It was a fast, but fiercely valuable experience. To learn from the most brilliant prison-abolitionists from across the region was pivotal for me. Continue reading “Mixtape 17: NOLA 2016”

Autumn In Ohio

Wellington, OH: Findley State Park in Autumn
Northeast Ohio Farmlands
Geneva State Park
Clifton Mill in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Autumn in Ohio is truly magical. The crisp air, the colorful leaves, and yes, there is pumpkin everything! Some may call is cliché, but I don’t mind. Truth is, I miss the Midwest, especially Ohio, where I was raised. I’m always looking for ways to celebrate the place I call home. Today I put together a short and sweet roundup with a few photographs I found that really capture the essence of my beloved state. I highly recommend taking a trip to the Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, OH if you’re interested in mixing peace and restoration, with fun outdoor adventures! I know there are so many other great places in Ohio. Have you been?

In solidarity, Christian

Mixtape // 012

We made it to Chicago, and the trip has been sweet thus far! It’s been so great to see all our family and friends, and we’ve made time to visit our old stomping grounds in Pilsen, Hyde Park, the South Side, and Edgewater. As always, the time is going by way (way) too fast, and we are already making plans to visit as soon as possible. I’ll be writing a post about all of the things we got to enjoy here. In the meantime, remember this post with all the plans? It’ll be interesting to compare and contrast.

Early tomorrow morning we are heading to Ohio to visit my folks. Yay for road trips! I thought I’d share a peek at playlist for the road. What are some of your favorite road trip tunes?

In solidarity,



We’re So Sorry • Thao & Mirah

Respiration • Blackstar ft. Common

Life Is Better • Q-Tip ft Norah Jones

Who • David Bryne & St. Vincent

Rise Up Tuscarora Nation • Pura Fé

We Are The World • Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder