Social Media That Resonates

Last month I took a week-long break from social media in honor of my grandmother's birthday. My favorite Gemini would have been 90 years old this year! During my hiatus, I had the opportunity to unpack some of the reasons why I use social networks personally, and professionally. Today, I'd like to share with you… Continue reading Social Media That Resonates


Lessons Learned in Clinic Theatre (Part I)

This summer I started my journey as a clinical intern. The school that I attend has a really amazing student clinic where patients can schedule appointments that are affordable, and qualitative. Each patient gets a full 90 minutes, which includes an intake, herbal consultation, and acupuncture treatment. In order to be an intern, I had… Continue reading Lessons Learned in Clinic Theatre (Part I)

5 Ideas To Restore Your Spirit 

The other day, my beautiful cousin sent me a text message asking for my advice. First, I must say that I am always humbled when anyone asks me to share pearls of wisdom based on my experiences. After I thanked her for reaching out, and trusting me with this opportunity, I began to think about… Continue reading 5 Ideas To Restore Your Spirit