Dreaming of A Green Office (Part IV)

Last week I registered for classes, and it felt so amazing (and odd) because it marks our second to last summer in Austin. I know! It's wild to think that by this time next year I will be preparing for, and taking my boards. This leg of the journeys is nearing an end. Not the… Continue reading Dreaming of A Green Office (Part IV)


4 Plant Powered Products

One of my goals this year is to try as many plant-powered products as possible. I rounded up a few of the top four products I am excited to try in the months ahead. You may remember some of the products from a post about women of color who hand craft their own unique body… Continue reading 4 Plant Powered Products

2016 Photo Calendar

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to launch a 2016 calendar featuring original photography, and it was a great success! The limited prints have sold quickly, and it has been such a joy to send these babes off in to the world! I'm feeling inspired to keep the momentum going with this project, and so I've… Continue reading 2016 Photo Calendar

Women of Color Who DIY: Wellness

Women Of Color Who DIY Wellness

Today I have another WOC who DIY on deck. The last edition was all about books. For this go-around I've complied a list of some of my favorite wellness-focused shops. Most of the women of color featured here are multi-talented makers whose skills are vast in the arts and sciences—each with their own unique approach… Continue reading Women of Color Who DIY: Wellness

Botanical Powered Branding

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about how to brand a business. Next summer I will be taking a course focused on how to manage a healthcare/healing arts practice. There's a lot that goes into building and sustaining your own business. The legal, and financial components alone require serious inquire and thorough consideration. But I'll… Continue reading Botanical Powered Branding

Photographing Chinese Herbs

Hi there friends! Today I have been knee-deep in studying. I am finally taking a moment to relax, but can't seem to get Chinese herbs off my mind! In addition to trying to learn these photogenic botanicals, I am also gathering styling ideas for a photography project I am planning. The most common background colors… Continue reading Photographing Chinese Herbs