New Moon in Aquarius: We Resolve

Since I started grad school, my perspective on time has changed a bit. When you study Chinese medicine, you quickly learn that each solstice and equinox signifies the passing between one elemental phase to the next. You also realize that, while everyone else is celebrating January 1st, you’re intentions are set toward the first New Moon. Continue reading “New Moon in Aquarius: We Resolve”


Radical Hope in 2017

When I started this blog back in 2011 my focus was quite different from what it is now. What began as a temporary website for a massage therapy business, over time, grew into a space where I would come to share my journey as an artist, activist, and student. In the last six years, the tone and aesthetics of the site has continually changed—from the design to the subjects covered, this blog has seen more than a few iterations. In the midst of change, the thing that remains true is my belief in community—online and off. Continue reading “Radical Hope in 2017”

47th Mourning

This day has always been tough for me to reconcile. As a woman of Black and Cusabo decent, I was raised Baptist but never took to the religious teachings of the bible. Instead, my loyalty belonged to the Creator, and Mother Earth. Although my faith may look a little different from that of my immediate family, I know we all hold this contradiction in our hearts and minds as mixed race people. Our memories are long, and are often weighted with the fact that we are not supposed to be here. Continue reading “47th Mourning”

In These Times

And while we’re doing the hard, necessary work of mourning, we should avail ourselves of the old formations that have seen us through darkness. We organize. We form solidarities. And, yes: we fight. To be heard. To be safe. To be free. —Junot Diaz

This past week I’ve felt the need for an extra dose of solace. It’s been comforting to read articles and words of wisdom from artists and activists that I respect. Last Tuesday, I had a chance to join the National Day of Action in solidarity with Standing Rock here in Austin. It was a healing experience, in many ways, just to show up. Continue reading “In These Times”

Full Moon in Sagittarius Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Also known as the Summer Solstice, this day is marked by the sun reaching its highest point in the sky. A Solstice is much more than a day. This one is especially auspicious, as it is also the Full Moon in Sagittarius—the Archer, or Centaur symbolizing freedom of the human soul.  Continue reading “Full Moon in Sagittarius Summer Solstice”

Rest In Power, John Trudell

1449640503_100942415trudell120915On December 8, 2015, John Trudell walked On. I will remember ancestor Trudell as a griot, a prophet, a truth-sayer. He was an activist, artist, poet, and actor who devoted his life to Indigenous Human Rights, and Environmental Justice. Trudell, along with other students and organizers, occupied Alcatraz Island from November 20, 1969 to June 11, 1970. He would go to to garner national attention, mobilizing Indigenous communities, and bring necessary recognition to ethical, moral, and legal issues across Turtle Island. Continue reading “Rest In Power, John Trudell”