Notes on Integration, Pluralism, and Liberation

Spring has sprung, as they say. I can feel it in every sinew and tendon. Growth is on the horizon as the macro + microcosmic forces of nature urge us toward opening. Emerging is not an easy thing to do. I imagine we (all of us, that is) could share stories for hours about how challenging it is to become and bloom.  The lushness of this green and glorious season has already offered more than a handful of lessons. And this is just the beginning. Continue reading “Notes on Integration, Pluralism, and Liberation”


Water is Where We Begin

Here lately, when I sit down to write my thoughts seem to migrate toward a very particular direction. In place of what was once a sense of confusion and underestimation, is an  understanding of my capacity as a human being. I attribute this realization, in part, to being a grad student. It’s been an honor to learn from such skilled and compassionate mentors and instructors over the years, and I don’t take this experience for granted. The most profound tool that I’ve learned is to trust and nurture my relationship with the Earth. It is a lesson that was first gifted to me by my grandmother. Reclaiming that knowledge, ancestral and ancient, is how I’ve been able to gradually gain confidence and clarity. Continue reading “Water is Where We Begin”

Women’s March ATX

This week is my term break so I finally got around to editing the photos I made during the Women’s March in Austin. A month has passed since the march, and I’ve had plenty of time to process the significance of participating in such a monumental global event. It’s hard to put into words, but I am thankful to be working toward justice with so many amazing comrades.   Continue reading “Women’s March ATX”

Leo Lunar Eclipse: The Urgency of Now

We brave so much in a lifetime. We stand, often at the junction of then and now, willing to reconcile in the moment despite the unknown. Our bodies threatened. Our minds made to jump through hoops. Our souls degraded. And yet everyday, we wake up, suit up, take back, reclaim, and keep pushing on. Continue reading “Leo Lunar Eclipse: The Urgency of Now”

Radical Moments: x Christian Totty

There is a moment that happens when creating a photo when everything around me becomes still. I can see clearly. The image appears, like a bolt of inspiration. My index finger responds quick to release the shutter, and the camera blinks. In the span of seconds this moment, whole and with spirit, becomes a record.

Continue reading “Radical Moments: x Christian Totty”