Photography by Richard Conley

Hello relatives, my name is Christian,

I am Cusabo + Black and belong to the Notoweega Nation. I was born and raised in Northwest Ohio, and recently moved back after more than 15 years away, to open the first acupuncture clinic & mind-body studio in my hometown.

The early origins of this blog began in 2010 as a creative outlet during a year-long massage therapy training program. It soon transformed into an extension of my graduate portfolio, started in 2013, and now serves as a continued exploration of my work as a whole. It has been through multiple iterations in the last 8 years. As I’ve become more rooted in myself, I’ve also realized that the issues most compelling to my heart involves food. Food and nutrition. Food and farming. Food and herbalism. Food and culture. Food and medicine. Food and ecology. Food and environmental justice. Food is the great connector between people, plants and the planet. While I am still (always) a humble beginner in the art and science of cooking, I find infinite possibility in the practice.

My relationship to food and cooking is rooted in a close relationship with my maternal grandmother. In the same way she expressed her care and love for me, she provided care and love to plants (and the land) and the nourishment they imbue. I witnessed her nurture life, from garden to kitchen. Ultimately, her nurturing spirit guided me toward reclaiming the ways or our ancestors, reconnecting to the land, and eventually to the study of Chinese Medicine.

Food is highly valued as a source of healing in Chinese Medicine. In fact, practitioners will often prescribe food therapy before, or in tandem with, acupuncture and herbal medicine. In addition to recipes and essays on issues related to food, this blog also service as an archive of medicinal ingredients commonly used for culinary purposes.

Prior to becoming a healthcare professional, I worked for over 10 years in nonprofit administration and grassroots organizing. I’ve had the good fortune to partner with institutions, small businesses, nonprofit, and for profit organizations internationally and throughout the U.S. to provide popular education based workshops and retreats. Past partners include the Chicago Freedom School, Project Nia, DePaul University, Northwestern University, the Mispon Indigenous Film Festival, and the Lima Public Library.

For workshops, photography or writing related inquiries and requests, please use my contact form.