March Full Worm Moon

Dear friends,

I hope this note finds you well. Can you believe it’s almost April!? This year seems to be going by so fast. If feels overwhelming sometimes. Mostly, it feels regenerative.

I think growth happens like that. At times in spurts. At times at a glacial pace. It is Spring after all. The season of germination, movement, and blooming forth. It’s no wonder why International Women’s Month 2018 was felt with such fervor. Why #MarchForOurLives had such a powerful impact, making headway as one of the largest protests and most successful voter registration campaigns in history.

Here we are. At the edge of the synapse. Tending to our fires. We are here to rise. To our potential. To the dream of our ancestors. To ensure the creation of a world where we all get to thrive.

It’s the last day of March. The emergence of Full Worm/Full Sap/Full Blue Moon. A time when the Earth softens, buds rise, and sap flows from maple trees. So much about this month embodies the essence of transformation, a process that gives way to hope. Many things have shifted for me, as I’m sure is true for some of you as well. In this moment of becoming, I’ve been made to pause over and over. To rearrange what I thought was certain. To return over and over to the places in myself that need tenderness. To soften. To rise. To flow.

I hope for more thriving. More radical transformation. For growth to follow its own flow. For alignment through regenerative praxis. For the courage it will take to let the wounds heal wholly. May they form constellations that will lead us toward full expression and experience.

May this Full Worm Moon in Libra, with all its glorious challenges and revelations, be blessed for you and yours.

xo, Christian









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