Mixtape 16

Each day provides multiple opportunities to begin. As an individual. As a member of a community. For all we are related to. Today’s New Moon embodies that spirit, as it moves into the Earth sign of Capricorn.

Earth is a supportive facilitator for Water. Providing a base through which Water is able to permeate. The essence of Earth — both the physical planet, as well the energetic quality of the land itself — is absorbed in what is possible. The Earth is common ground for creativity and insight, with an immense power to regenerate and restore.

In honor of the New Moon, and the coming Lunar New Year I’m taking a ‘lil rest from the screen. I’m thankful for the time and space to align with spirit for work ahead. I put together a playlist for the journey I’m about to delve into, and put up a link in my bio if you’d like to listen.

See y’all next week!


In Solidarity + New Moon Blessings,




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