Notes on the 2017 Full Harvest Moon

Dear friends,

How are you? October is here, and autumn has settled right in. I hope this note finds you settling well into the season, too.

The Full Moon in Aries is here, serving as a conduit to culminate the work put in over the last cycle. In this replete state the moon delivers a steady focus on relationships. Behavior is shaped by and in relationship to others and the planet. This relationship is far too easy to forget. It gets muddled, and silenced far too often. Avoidance and complicit ignorance only digs a deeper hole.

The essence of autumn imbues a much-needed moment to gather thoughts and feelings in order to consider what must be consolidated and carried moving forward. The process can manifest all the mire yet unaddressed. Yet, to honor it in the midst of destruction is an act of courage. How else can relationships evolve unless there is a willingness to get vulnerable and messy. To be called out, and to call out with compassion. It’s difficult to know where to begin, when to change, or how to let go. It is also necessary, hard as it is, to try.

Anymore, the only sense I can make out of everything happening in our world—from environmental destruction to community devastation—is through poetry. Here is a recent poem I wrote, the weekend before the mass shooting in Las Vegas. The poem was inspired by a friend, who always reminds me how important it is to build a fire that will sustain for the long run.

The words cannot always be pretty

Sometimes just need said

Even better done

Sometimes syllables come out harsh and heady

Vowels creep up unsteady

Sentences seem to tango on the tongue

The speaker must go on

Move beyond the thunder-clap of sound

To the lightening bolt of truth

In that moment come through

Reaching toward new meaning

In solidarity,




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