June 2017 New Moon in Cancer

Many things are true at the same time. The solstices and equinoxes remind us of this with each passing year. The fact of season, as it changes in the Western and Eastern hemispheres. The heat of the summer, the cold of the winter. The spring breeze, and the crisp autumn air. All at once, alive and dynamic. Holding multiplicity in the mind is not easy, but is does offer an opportunity to bring restoration and reconnection into view. The summer solstice is the most Yang time of year, the hottest and longest day. From here the daylight will slowly dwindle, and with it a moment to reflect.

A New Moon will settle into the sign of Cancer at 9:32 PM CST on June 23rd. This moment provides an opportunity to commit to personal goals and dreams. While here, the Crab, a sign rich with sensitivity, is a reminder to honor the  deepest, most intimate feelings that can serve as guideposts to who were are, and how far we’ve come. Even if getting here has been unconventional, or indirect. We make the road by continuing to move and grove our way through it.

This New Moon also asks that we recognize what constitutes our sense of home. To become better acquainted with the spaces that feel most safe. To seek out those who embrace us for all that we are. To understand how to trust the placement of our feet, hands, and heart. To return to the soil that always offers an unshakable sense of belonging.

When we get clear about who we are and what we most deeply desire to create, it is possible to solidify important changes with resonate effects. The more awareness we bring with us through this New Moon cycle, the better equipped we will be at preparing for the shifting seasons to come. In many ways the Crab is educating us about how to protect ourselves, while remaining tender to the subtle consciousness of our lived experience.  Through the fortification of spirit, new resolutions blossom forth offering new and more potent balms to soothe our deepest wounds.

The etiologies of the daily traumas we encounter are vast. We live through toxic masculinity, homophobia, transphobia, racism, caste and class biases, countless violence, ageism, abuse and neglect. So much degradation leads to the lost of humanity. On July 1st, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, stations retrograde 28° of Pisces at 2:09 AM CST. This celestial turn will last until early December. To turn is to pivot, and this aspect mirrors a pivotal moment of healing. Some call it a ‘healing crisis’, a breaking open of old wounds.  As if scar tissue could recalibrate back to stitches. And underneath the criss-cross pattern is the original hurt. When a trigger resurfaces, both the memory of the wound and the real-time pain exist on the same plane.  We all carry Chiron with us. Taking a look to see where Chiron sits in your chart will help to clarify how this station will affect your relationship to wounds past wounds. Chiron is a force that builds living bridges to the past so that it may fully be healed.

May this New Moon in Cancer allow a deep dive into the water of who you are. May the coming Chiron retrograde serve as a path toward liberation for the collective consciousness.

In New Moon solidarity,




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