Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Alchemy of Care

The construction of consciousness is dynamic and ever-lasting. It’s hard as hell, and it’s as beautiful as the night sky. Both must be because that’s how this universe works its alchemy, magically magnetizing and de-magnetizing elements together, apart, and back together again. It is a most elegant and careful dance.

The Full Moon occurs Friday, June 9th at 8:11 AM CST in the sign of Sagittarius, the archer ruled by Jupiter. The outspoken optimist who seeks freedom from oppression. There is an equal restlessness and depth within the centaur; a fire the motivates. Sagittarius reminds us to steady our focus, and to be resolute in our pursuit of consciousness.

At the other end of the spectrum rests the sun in the sign of Gemini. This particular moment manifests a mental axis between logic and intuition. The energy here yearns for attention to be centered on the point of pivot—to consider what strategies will harness the most transformative outcome. It asks for sincerity. It request as many f*%@s! to be given as is necessary for the work and healing that is calling us as individuals, as well as within our communities.

Care, like love, is a verb. And this Full Moon reinforces that skill. Care affects how we communicate, our attitudes, and the decisions we make. As the moon grows its light, becoming brighter and bigger, our emotions mirror that growth. The greater the compassion made available to revolutionize personal systems of care, the better chance we have at dismantling institutions that cause systemic harm and threaten our capacity to recognize connection.

I hope that this moment brews your intentions toward rituals, remedies, and resources that nurture and care for you deeply.

In Full Moon solidarity,


Cover Image by Bob Wong for Art of Acupuncture [Image of person with moxa cone at Du20]



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