New Moon in Gemini: The Heart is the House of the Mind

Ideas are often catalysts for action. Overtime, what was once an inclination, can unfold deeply into a vision of something greater. A design beyond wild imagination takes great agility of the mind, and an equally gracious heart. Gemini has both at once, and can serve as a guide into the challenges that arise on the path toward presence. 

The New Moon enters Gemini on Thursday May 25th at 2:44 PM CST. Gemini’s value creation, what is made by hand with heart. This is a sign with the ability to embrace a variety of ideas with open arms. Just as the Lungs interact with the world through exchange of air, so too does Gemini trade thoughts through communication and connection. Gemini’s are often keepers of valuable information, and they are likely to share what they know with those who will not abuse it, or them.

This New Moon is a helpful reminder to never back down from what we value most in this life. To honor life itself, and commit to personal goals that promote and honor creation. Here, there is an opportunity to assess and improve the ways in which we express our ideas, while polishing the necessary skill of listening. It also provides the space we’ve been craving for the last few cycles to show more self-compassion. Especially in times of destruction, it is important to be aware of all the things that trigger self-detrimental behavior. We might ask ourselves, How much information can I taken in and still practice compassion? What comes up for me when I reflect on a given situation? The sign of Gemini encourages the sharpening of mental faculties, not only on an intellectual level, but spiritual as well.

Challenges allow issues to surface, which can transform into opportunities to create important changes. In Chinese Medicine, it is said that the Heart houses the mind. This New Moon in Gemini is all about remembering the source of mental power in order to press forward through struggle on our way toward building the bridges that will liberate.

In New Moon Solidarity,


p.s. In the spirit of Gemini, I’m sharing one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite musicians, Sixto Rodriguez (a.k.a. Sugar Man). I hope you enjoy it.



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