Full Moon in Scorpio: A Glowing Truth

Yesterday, May 10 at 4:24 PM the Full Flower Moon rests in Scorpio for a spell. Full Moons reflect the growth of the of seeds planted during the New Moon. In this moment our deepest personal needs bloom forth. Scorpio governs the genitals, bladder and bowels—the Lower Jiao in Chinese medicine. Scorpios also govern realms of passion and perceptive power. They hold an uncanny ability to see on a spiritual level. Gifted with a clear and focus vision, Scorpions strive for truth. A Full Moon in Scorpio reminds us to get clear about what it is we truly desire. To reconnect with our passion, and purpose. We can utilize this energy to navigate our way through any rough or rocky terrain.

As the moon wanes, Mercury moves closer to Taurus. Hot off the tails of passionate Scorpio, an interesting Water-Earth take-no-mess vibe continues to come through for us. Two highly sensual signs with a strong elemental connection move center stage. The catch here is be mindful of possessive inclinations that can manifest when we become too intoxicated with such a dynamic force. Neither Scorpio or Taurus will put up with nonsensical antics. They do not play when it comes to the heart.

Next Monday May 15, Mercury enters Taurus. Mercury, the messenger, is all about expression and communication. In the sign of Taurus, rule of the neck and throat. This pair may prove a helpful in the coming weeks. Mercury’s work is centered on unpacking and dismantling communicative nuances in order to reform and rebuild constructive conversation. Mercury is curious in this way. A planet with a propensity to coordinate, is a strong ally in pursuit of processing conscious and unconscious information. And in the sign of Taurus, we will be able to find stability to persevere through whatever may come to light.

As we groove into Mother’s Day weekend, Jupiter will begin its quincunx to Neptune. This movement will become fully realized next Wednesday, May 17th, enough time for the planets to make an interesting impact in our lives. Jupiter is social and insightful, with a deep concern for a higher purpose. Like Scorpio, Jupiter seeks out the truth with equal hope and honor. Neptune inspires through the spiritual realm. This is the planet that governs psychic receptivity, helping us to refine our awareness and sensitivity to the unseen.

A quincunx is an in-conjunct aspect made when two planets are approximately 150° a part.  This heavenly arrangement provides an opportunity to adjust and redirect attention. Here we are able to get clear about how and where we use our power. It also requires that we challenge ourselves to move toward genuine ways of expressing and sharing our passions with the world. The heart of a Jupiter quincunx Neptune aspect is all about the evaluation of our humility and imagination. It forces us see what is on the other side of illusion, and to maintain our compassion in the process.

Like the Full Moon, Scorpios glow in the dark. Through this month, may we strive toward that deep and complex truth that glows from within.

Belated Full Flower Moon Blessings!

In Solidarity,


Cover image via Danny Perez Photography.



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