Notes on Passion + A Resource List

At some point I made myself believe that my deepest passions were unworthy. For me this training happened early on, too young to know better. While every adult around me seemed to be shutting out creativity, I yearned to make a home of it. Continue reading “Notes on Passion + A Resource List”


New Moon in Gemini: The Heart is the House of the Mind

Ideas are often catalysts for action. Overtime, what was once an inclination, can unfold deeply into a vision of something greater. A design beyond wild imagination takes great agility of the mind, and an equally gracious heart. Gemini has both at once, and can serve as a guide into the challenges that arise on the path toward presence.  Continue reading “New Moon in Gemini: The Heart is the House of the Mind”

2017 Community Survey

The New Moon in Gemini is on the horizon, and with it we have an opportunity to plant the seeds of our deepest hopes and dreams. This season is a supportive one for nurturing the flame that burns bright in our hearts, and connects us to all of creation. It helps prepare us for the heat of the summer cycle, the time in which internal and external fires reach their summit. This moment also reminds us to value the sun for the warmth it provides, and for the inspiration it freely shares.   Continue reading “2017 Community Survey”