New Moon in Taurus: A Common Ground

The heart is the residence of the mind. Pumping blood to the extremities. Washing clean what is it given back. Consciousness travels within the vast network of vessels. The spirit of consciousness comes alive in the voice and the eyes. The voice is both a literal space contained within the neck and throat, and a form without boundaries.  The eyes, kept safe by structural processes and plates, communicates beyond the spoken word. The third eye, central to all we know, rests between two worlds. Communicates beyond sight, into what is sensed. The themes of this months New Moon provide tools to utilize what is deeply felt and imagined to construct what is possible.

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 7:16 AM CST, a New Moon will cycle in to the sign of Taurus. El toro. The sign that governs the neck and throat. A constellation ruled by Venus. A steward of the Earth. It is in Taurus that we find the strength to act, and the tenacity to keep going. It is with this head-strong kin where we can come to understand a thing or two about power, personal and communal.

This coming Friday, April 28th Venus enters Aries. El carnero. Official of the head and face. This cluster of stars ruled by Mars that made an appearance for the last New Moon in March. Where the season of spring began its hymn to the tune of growth. In Aries we find courage and multiply it ten-fold. Venus lovingly requests the space to see where value is placed when it comes to love and money, or resources. The two are never far apart. Venus also asks that we evaluate the things that bring pleasure to life. To find an artful grace in the mundane is to understand where our deepest inclinations truly reside. That which moves us makes us stronger. And we can fortify this power towards what we are called to do.

The heart-work that we share with the world is brought to the front lines when Venus accesses Aries. There is a direct and daring sensibility here. The dance between this planet and sign encourages the kind of openness where energy can flow peacefully. With this level of concentration on self, it is important to continually check in with the ego. We’ve already be there done that with confusing greed for power. This is the mindset that devastates, destroys, and distances. But there is a difference between centering self, and being self-centered. And we’ve got what it takes to discern the two.

Sunday, April 30th will bring us closer to a ground that is common when Saturn squares Chiron. Chiron reveals our deepest wound so that it may be healed. Within the struggle there is the seed of liberation. A square aspect relates the tension between two heavenly bodies which is necessary for change to unfold. In excess, tension turns to stress. A lack of tension leads to too much slack. Tension and integrity are key components of a sound structure. Though cross-directional purpose may incite obstacles, it can also force us out of stagnant space. Ancestor Toni Cade Bambara taught us wholeness is no trifling matter. The planet Saturn reinforces the weight of wellness with restriction and limitation. Saturn provides the scaffolding, keeps time, and defines direction. With Chiron here, responsibilities and commitments are prioritized. A Saturn-Chiron square is about the tension between the wound that is most painful and the definition of pain itself.

Take time to love up on this New Moon with renewed vision. Speak goodness into form. Structure your time and resources around what heals you. Continue to grow firm, and flexible. Know that it is not only possible, but necessary, to make peace in the world, and center personal wellness at the forefront. Our shared freedom yearns for it.

In New Moon Solidarity,


Credits: Cover image by David Lloyd.



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