Full Moon in Libra: Divine Potential

When we are given the opportunity to express the fullness of our lives, we are also able to recognize the depth of our lived experiences. Taoist philosophy reminds us of this with the iconic Yin-Yang symbol representing Taiji, the Supreme Ultimate—indefinite potential. The deepest wound holds the seed of the deepest healing.

The Full Moon entered the sign of Libra yesterday, April 10th, and will continue to shine her way through until April 12th. This is a most auspicious time in the lunar cycle, as it is the Full Pink Moon, which will reach full glory at 1:09 AM CST on April 11. Full Pink Moon signals change that is ushered in during the spring season. Buds peek out from the warmth of the sepals protection, while petals await to unfold. This week’s Full Moon in Libra is a testament to the souls sojourn.

Libra the sign ruled by Venus. Interestingly, in Chinese medicine, Venus is associated with the metal element, which is best expressed as the inward moving energy of autumn. Libra has a heart for justice, kindness, and respect. When the moon is positioned in this sign, we are called to remember the righteousness of our humanity, at its best. The fullness of this moment solidifies the importance of sustaining our best, most conscious and compassionate efforts. Here we are afforded the change to see the moon as a reflection of ourselves, tending to the wounds and the healing with equal care.

While the moon rests in Libra, the sun opposes in the sign of Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, and is Chinese medicine Mars is associated with the fire element. Fire is best expressed in during the summer season. Aries is active, independent, and energetic. As the sun reflects the present, its life-giving force is focused on helping us learn how to be ourselves. The sun projects the image of a personified, open self that helps us be who we are.

The glory of our experiences is better shared, voiced, made known. The Pink Full Moon can guide toward growth that which will encourage greater understanding: a divine potential to hold space and witness.

In Full Pink Moon solidarity,




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