New Moon In Aries: The Beautiful Struggle

It takes the right amount of warmth to bud forth. A bit of friction mixed with momentum, turning over and over at a speed imperceptible to the human eye. At the same time, the cadence outwardly appears slow, perhaps motionless. Petals stretch open inch by inch, offering bold colors enhanced by the light of the sun. This is the song of creation. Every thing on this earth unfolds in a similar way and the spring season is a time ripe for experiencing the glory of our growth. It is magic. It is alchemy. It is, ultimately, what unites us. 

Today at 9:57 PM CDT the New Moon will find itself settled in the sign of Aries for a spell. Right on time, this is the season of Aries. The latter days of March can sometimes feel like a pleasant pressure, but in time this force will shape us into the pearls we are meant to be. As the moon transits from the watery realm of Pisces into the more fiery territory of Aries, it is a good time to envision the kind of self, and the kind of world that we most yearn for. We can utilize this time resource to dream ourselves into being. This process will help set the stage for the next phase. To become the change we most want to see. Committing our lives to recognizing the provisions before us. Tools we will need in order to break free from past conditioning that has attempted to steal our joy, and exclude our excellence.

None of this comes without challenge. As the New Moon forms a conjunct with a retrograde Venus a harmony is created that helps to balance more difficult aspects. Concurrently, Saturn, the enforcer of structure and limitation, squares Chiron, the wise and wounded healer. Meanwhile Jupiter the heavenly body of abundance expresses a square with Pluto, the ruler of the underworld. Squares create the contrast necessary for development. These aspects might pose especially rough waters for the Moon as it wanes toward rebirth. In times of hardship, the more we choose to fortify our light, acting from an authentic place, the more we illuminate. The struggle is real and it is beautiful.

Individually, we develop into unique beings with our own set of patterns and expressions. This diversity is necessary for our ecosystems on macro and micro levels. This is a most auspicious time to act on intuition, and constructive impulse. Dance as only your body can and try something new, or innovative. Take charge. Act up. Rise. We have nothing to lose but our chains.

The cosmos are a constant revolution. Each planet has its own pace and its own practice. We feel this energy generated from the warmth of other suns. Astrology traditions from every part of the world carry insightful interpretations of this exchange. The common ground they share is centered around one truth: relationship. Where we are is relative to where all things are. Center, and peripheral at once. Together, alone, and in solidarity.

May this New Moon bring you great abundance.

In Solidarity,




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