Notes on Reaching Milestones

This weekend has been rainy and a bit chilly, so I’ve been cuddling up with warm tea and blankets while being intentional about taking time to relax and breathe. I find that doing so instantly helps me recharge and prepare for the week ahead, while also honoring time for reflection. This past week a lot of milestones were met and I’m feeling a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to do the work that I love. The following curated works speak to the many people and communities that inspire my journey. Keep scrolling to view the links, and learn more about the artists and organizations behind the work. 

Saving Nina Simone’s Birthplace as an Act of Art and Politics // via The NY Times.

Who taught you to love yourself?: Acknowledging, Citing, and Respecting Black Women’s Work // Monica Trinidad—Queer Latinx community-taught artist and organizer // Monica’s website.

Going beyond being Indian // Vera Wabegijig—Anishnaabe writer and blogger // Vera’s website + blog.

Women in Gaza and their determined quest for higher education // Laura Boushna —Kuwaiti-born Palestinian photographer // Laura’s website // Laura’s TED Talks archive.

7 Times The ‘Moonlight’ Cast Personified #BlackBoyJoy // via Blavity.

How do you raise a feminist daughter? Chimamanda Adichie has 15 suggestions // NPR’s Audie Cornish interviewsChimamanda Adichie—Writer from Nigeria // Chimamanda’s website.

Visual Artist Julio Salgado Is Queer, Undocumented, And Proud As Hell // The Establishment’s Alicia Barrón interviews Julio Salgado // Julio’s website.

26 Women of Color Changing the Face of Wellness // via Thoughtfully Magazine.

dsc_0886-2However you decided to spend it, I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

In solidarity,


Credits // Photography: Christian Totty



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