New Moon in Aquarius: We Resolve

Since I started grad school, my perspective on time has changed a bit. When you study Chinese medicine, you quickly learn that each solstice and equinox signifies the passing between one elemental phase to the next. You also realize that, while everyone else is celebrating January 1st, you’re intentions are set toward the first New Moon.

The month of January is a potent time for renewal. We express reverence for this month by devoting ourselves to change. We resolve to do (or not do), and to find solution. We intend, the best we can, to make a plan and stick to it. We set goals that reach toward a desired result, and benchmark progress made. We do this because it’s our history, approximately 4,000 years in the making.

On Friday, January 20, 2017 the 45 president was sworn in to office—a page in history that many of us did not anticipate nor endorse. The following Saturday, January 21st brought strong resistance—a testament to the power of people who show up for each other in solidarity. And show up we did. In conjunction with the Women’s March on Washington, over 600 sister marches were organized, with an estimated  3 million folks in attendance across the globe.

And then, after only four days in office Trump revived the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline projects, formerly halted under the Obama administration. For decades, Native communities have opposed the construction of pipelines, along with other injustices leading to environmental and cultural degradation. This, and other projects is a clear disregard for law and tribal policies. We expected as much from the Trump administration. Over the next four years we can expect many more careless decisions. The question is, How will we respond?

The first New Moon of 2017 occurs tomorrow, Friday, January 27th, and is in the sign of Aquarius. As the bearer of substance, Aquarius brings fortification to our lives, carrying the vessel from which water (a symbol of life itself) cleanses the past. Through the steadfast nature of the one who bears the water, we are able to focus our attention forward toward what we most deeply desire. We do this because we know equality and justice is intended for all our relations. Moving forward, we can make use of all the juicy Aquarian vibes by keeping our gaze steady, and continuing to encourage spiritual sustenance.

In about 24 hours the New Moon will usher in the year of the Rooster, the fire Rooster, appropriately so. Characterized as active and outspoken, the nature of a Rooster year is all about standing out in the crowd. I get the sense that 2017 will reveal both arrogant and humble qualities in each of us. If we can remain resourced in spirit, there is a profound opportunity to be transformed by it.

This year I didn’t set any hard and fast intentions. Instead, I strive to remain focused on accomplishing one thing at time, taking *really good care of myself, and continuing to show up. I show up in order to sustain myself and the work I am here to do. I show up because I am inspired by community resilience and resistance. I show up for my ancestors, elders, and the next seven generations. I show up because there is so much to do, and I have something to offer. I show up for the change that is rolling in, like a mighty river.

In New Moon solidarity,


P.s.  Utilize the comments section, and leave a note letting me know why you show up. 



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