Bee Pollen, Turmeric, and Honey Tea

Allergy season has been brutal for me this year. The weather in Austin has been oscillating between cold and warm fronts,  which means ample of amounts of pollen from local juniper trees. The strong wind currents have dusted the city and as you can image, itchiness ensues! Wind is a strong elemental force, with a characteristic nature that embodies change. It has a tendency to usher things in, and switch things up for everyone. In truth, I didn’t prepare as well as I could have this year. However, it’s never to late to start taking better care of myself, and be more proactive with preventative measures.dsc_0730I came up with this recipe around day 5 when I realized my usual go-to methods were not working as effectively. After having had this a few times now, I’ll definitely make sure to get more bee pollen in my diet over the next few months since we’ll be moving back to the Midwest in the fall—environmental allergens are equally intense in Ohio!dsc_0728dsc_0704This recipe is enough for 1-serving:


-2 tsp Bee pollen (I used this brand)

-1 tsp Turmeric (I used powder, but the actual root will be more effective)

-1/4 tsp Black pepper

-1 Lemon wedge

-Honey to taste (Round Rock Honey is my favorite local brand)

After you’ve mixed the dry ingredients together in hot water, you can squeeze in the lemon, and add the honey to your liking. I usually let mine sit until it’s cooled a bit—still nice and warm, but not burning hot. dsc_0753I love seeing medicinal ingredients together, especially these warm brown and golden tones—perfect for the year of the Fire Rooster! dsc_0772dsc_0773This is a powerful immune-boosting beverage thanks to the bee pollen, which is a natural anti-histamine. The turmeric provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, while the black pepper adds warmth, essential nutrients, and is an antibacterial. Lemon is rad at balancing pH, and is loaded with vitamins. Honey is also full of nutrients, which compliments the other ingredients perfectly. dsc_0775I love the flavor, and healthy benefits of this tea. It’s also super simple and quick to make. Like I said, I’m going to be drinking this a lot more throughout the year. For an added digestive aid, you can include a few slices of fresh ginger root.

I hope you enjoy, homies!

In solidarity,



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