Portfolio Progress: Winter 2017 Edition

Over the last three years, I’ve been working on my student portfolio. So far, I’ve created three different versions (about one a year), and each time I re-work something the more I realize how important it is to keep things simple and creative. This year I graduate (what?!), and I’m keeping my eyes on the prize. Focus and clarity are paramount, but so is having fun in the process!

I spent some time creating a fourth re-design for my portfolio and I think this one is my best effort yet! From concept to layout, the progress is coming along.

portfolio-design-layoutConcept + Design

Originally, I thought about printing my portfolio using Blurb, so a magazine layout made the most sense. I’ve been playing around with this project for a while now, and my goals have actually changed a lot in that time. I’m still committed to keeping the editorial feel, as well as a clean and simple design overall.

One / Cover  

The cover was the first graphic that I created for this project. The person in the photograph is my friend (and muse) Dysha. I love this photo of her which was made during our second photo-shoot together. She was radiating confidence, and so much #blackgirlmagic!

Designing the cover gave me some helpful direction for the future, specifically with photography. I chose the title Meridians, in part, because of Dysha’s tattoo that runs down her spine—the spinal column holds a great significance in Chinese medicine. I’m looking forward to making more acupuncture-specific photographs that I can use for website design.

Two / Introduction

The first “Intro” page looked very different from this one. I knew I wanted to add subtle color that would compliment the cover page—the lush green of the trees, Dysha’s skin, and the brown earth in the distance. Conceptually, I think this page serves as an invitation for the reader to understand my vision. The nude brown paired with minimal and creative design helps to tell that story.

Three / Contents

I’ve always been fascinated by the Table of Contents page—there are just so many ways to design one! I’m still on the fence about the current design. I know for sure the image will stay because it happens to be one of my favorites, and think it anchors the text. I’ll be re-working the layout, while keeping my eyes open for new ideas.

Four / Learning Goals 

First, I love how the paint splash boosts the creative and playful factor 100%. The reason why I decided to focus on the design of my portfolio was to nurture my creativity in the process tyring to complete the project. I get to have fun, and the work gets done. I’m all about infusing the creative spirit into everything that I do, and I love sharing that with others.

Five / Reflection

Reflections can be tricky (anyone else with me on this?). I’ve found the best way to tackle them is to jot down notes that I can refer to later. That way when I go to write, I don’t have to struggle with remembering those small, but often significant details that compelled me to reflect in the first place.

I’ve used this photograph in a variety of projects, most notably for a piece that was featured in Black Girl in Om Issue 003 on Spirituality. I love this photo especially for reflection pages because the moment itself is very contemplative. —

At the end of the day, the most important thing to me is completing my portfolio in advance of my actual graduation date (summer ’17, yo!). I’m excited to use these templates to help inspire my writing so that I can accomplish my goal. The only thing left is to find a nice portfolio case that will compliment the page designs. If you have any suggestions, leave me a note! Thanks so much, xo!

In solidarity,




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