8 Favorite Photos of 2016

Winter is a stellar time of year to relax and reflect. I often spend the season looking back on photographs that I’ve made over the year. As I’m looking through my archives I realized that many of my favorite photos from 2016 were never published (here on the blog, or elsewhere).

To be honest, I’m not that surprised. This year was creatively challening for a variety of reasons. I often felt very  inspired, but found myself doing a lot of second-guessing when it came to creating and sharing my work. However, I did spend more time reading and writing in 2016, which is rad. Many of the photos embody the essence of my experiences over the year: a bit of travel, lots a studying, playing with light, and little joys.

One of my favorite coffee shops Stouthaus Coffee Pub on S. Lamar.
These dudes: Chan Tui, or Cicada molting. Excellent for the throat, and itchy skin.
During a trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I saw this building and had to pull over to make a few photos. The yellow-orange color of the building complimented the blue sky perfectly.
Earlier in the year we took a road trip to Galveston, TX. This is the most random photo I found from our visit to Moody Gardens.
Practicing soft focus with a few rows of palm trees outside of the gardens.


This year I photographed my first wedding for my cousin. Yo, this was one of the most humbling learning experiences of 2016. Thanks for the opportunity, cuzo!
Just the the most fly bridal party, no big deal!
This photo was made during a visiting to my granny’s grave site in rural Ohio. The sun’s reflection in the water reminds me of the moon in the night sky. I imagine the little bubbles of water are stars. ;)

Thanks for letting me share a few of my favorite photos from the year. If you’d like to check out more of my photography, I’m @christiantotty over on Instagram. Thank you!






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