Notes On Finding Balance

When people ask me what quality I admire most, my answer is always the same: balance. There are many ways that balance can manifest, and I think what it boils down to (at least for me) is about embodying a sense of strength and grace. My studies of Bio-medicine have taught me that balance exists on micro and macro levels. In anatomy, muscles are generally categorized as agonist or antagonist. Agonist muscles are contractile, while antagonist muscles act in opposition to agonists. In order for the biceps to contact, the triceps much relax (and vice versa). It’s a delicate balance between holding on, and letting go.

In Chinese medicine, the Five-Phases illustrate this point in a similar manner. For example, muscle (in TCM) is associated with the Spleen, and the Earth element. Earth is compact, it holds in, and gives foundation. Interestingly, Earth generates the Metal element and is associated with the Lungs, breathing, and water regulation in the upper part of the body. The interaction between Earth and Metal represents the ultimate contraction, and release.dsc_0758I think in order to achieve balance it is essential to have a strong foundation, as well as the ability to be remain tender. This year has really reminded me how important it is to recognize, and remain accountable to this fact. I’ve been able to let go of a lot, and still remain resolute about my vision and goals. The process has been equally challenging and humbling.

Yesterday was the last day of the Fall 2016 quarter. In just three terms, I will be finished with graduate school. It’s hard to believe, but I’m in the home stretch. Throughout my experiences, I’ve come to recognize that balance is the steady foundation which makes liberation possible.

In Solidarity,







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