December 2016 Full Cold Moon in Gemini

On Tuesday December 13, 2016 at 6:05 CST, we witnessed the Full Cold Moon in Gemini sitting bright, and high in the night sky. A Full Moon reminds us to reflect back on intentions made during the New Moon. There is a significant amount of flexibility with a Full moon in Gemini, and we are given the chance to witness our inner nature. The conversations we have with ourselves carry a somatic impact, and shape our lived experiences. This is a good time to notice the subtle interactions within, and to offer  compassionate responsiveness toward whatever comes up. Hold onto that awareness, as it will set the stage for the culmination of 2016.Mars will enter Pisces, and Mercury journeys retrograde on December 19th, which continues to reveal nuanced qualities about our personal and spiritual lives. Pisces is all about the spirit. There is tenderness to this sign that is often mistaken for gullibility. Great creative minds, and perceptive powers reside here. Mars connects us with our raw energy. This is a sign concerned with survival. It is yang at it most fulfilled. When Mars and Pisces are present together there is an interesting, palpable duality at play between fire and water. What might feel like opposing energy, is also an opportunity.zen circleIn Chinese medicine we often reflect on the ways in which fire and water communicate. At the core, these elements compliment each other. We need the warmth of fire to cook food in pot of water. Left alone, can become inflamed without water to cool it off. This is a delicate dance.

Meanwhile Mercury, the messenger, planet of communication and expression, will be moving retrograde. There are many ways to boogie, and the question of how we get down is key. If Mars and Pisces are the capoeiristas then Mercury forms the Roda (the circle) around them. This is a delicate dance. We are witnessing an astro-somatic conversation of the heavens. Here on earth, we can see and feel the overarching message pertaining to larger concepts and ideas that are best handled at the local level. In essence, the next week will be a supportive one for remembering the gifts that fire and water provide within our bodies, and within the environment. In this circle, moowalking Mercury will hold space for dialogue between the two to unfold. In the roda, how we connect says a lot about who we are as human beings.

As we gear up for the Winter Solstice on Wednesday, December 21st, may we utilize the next week to reconcile the parts of our spirits that have been harmed by our own doing, or at the hands of another. May we recognize the ways in which our actions have harmed others, and the planet. May we be brave in the process of remembering how to be our most raw and tender selves.

In (Belated) Full Moon Solidarity,


Cover art: Original image found at Mirrror // Collage by Christian



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