In These Times

And while we’re doing the hard, necessary work of mourning, we should avail ourselves of the old formations that have seen us through darkness. We organize. We form solidarities. And, yes: we fight. To be heard. To be safe. To be free. —Junot Diaz

This past week I’ve felt the need for an extra dose of solace. It’s been comforting to read articles and words of wisdom from artists and activists that I respect. Last Tuesday, I had a chance to join the National Day of Action in solidarity with Standing Rock here in Austin. It was a healing experience, in many ways, just to show up. Where do we go from here? is a question that lingers for many of us. In my small graduate student community, we ask this of ourselves, and each other. The best remedy I know to lean on in these times is to keep showing up—for my community, and for the healing work that is calling all of our attentionzen circleAstrologically, we are gearing up for a New Moon journey into Sagitaurius on November 29th. This lunation will make space for greater awareness and perspective. Relative to the current influences of Neptune until the 19th, when it stations direct, we are literally working out a cosmic conundrum. This time next week, things will start to become a bit more clear, less confusing. On the 24th, Jupiter will strongly encourage our sense of ambition, but we need to be cautious with how this plays out.

In Chinese medicine, Jupiter regulates the wood element. Wood influences how we create boundaries and relate to each other. A healthy wood element is consciously formed, and flexible. In its detriment, wood becomes ridged, and dogmatic. There is an over-arching theme here that could influence the rest of the month, and especially the upcoming holiday. Holidays can be triggering, traumatic, and all around tiring. There is no doubt that things might amplify given the outcome of this years election. I get the sense that each of us will need the utmost self-care so that we are able to keep ourselves safe, without undoing any of the important healing work we’ve accomplished. That might require a softening of our hearts and minds in order to remain flexible enough to recover from any damages. Practicing humility and compassion will serve us well for the transformations on the horizon.

Take your time with this grieving. Sometimes letting go is a slow cadence.

In Solidarity,






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