November 14, 2016 Super Full Moon in Taurus

Much has transpired in the last two months. Indigenous communities and allies from around the world have gathered with the Standing Rock Sioux at the Oceti Sakowin Camp in solidarity to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. An election season has now come and gone, a process which made clear how polarized our politics really are. At center, those of us residing in the United States, documented or not, are facing the reality that the next president-elect is man that many of us did not vote for.

A hard-line has been drawn in the sand. There is talk of a wall being built. Necessary health services might be cut. Environmental programs could be wiped out. The current terrain is uncertain. It’s been equally heartbreaking, and hopeful to witness folks process this thing out, one day at a time.

One thing we can be sure of is that we will survive. Our ancestors experienced much worse, and yet, here we are. Veteran activist and organizers understand the significance of this moment. We have the opportunity to work toward the future we want to build. Proof that people, in solidarity, are powerful.  zen circleOn Monday, November 14th at 7:52 AM CST we greet the first Full Moon of the month. Nestled in the sign of Taurus, where it is exalted, this moon is one to witness. This is the second of three super moons helping us wrap up 2016 with an auspicious level of illumination. Not since 1948 have we seen or felt the moon so close.

Our bull relative is strong and powerful, symbolic of the persevering Taureans we all know and love. A Super Full Moon in this sign provides much-needed grounding. It is right on time. Full Moons remind us to check-in on all that we set our intentions toward at the New Moon. While this past cycle has been emotionally, spiritually, and politically charged, there is a palpable momentum happening in this moment. Folks are taking to the streets, talking to each other, and listening. Organizing efforts have increased, with marches being held in LA, Chicago, New York, Columbus. Thousands of people, in solidarity, hold the power of a charging bull.

We have arrived at this moment by no accident. The winding stem of our history has led us here. It unfolds before us, like a lotus flower, like an offering. The lotus knows when to hunker in toward the muddy water of its birth. Proof that water, no matter how murky, can nurture life. In Chinese medicine, we use various parts of the lotus as herbal remedy. It has a special ability to calm the mind, lift energy, and consolidate essential fluids in the body. The lotus reminds us to keep reaching for the light, and warmth of the sun. The lotus also reminds us that important work is often done underground, below the surface, guided by moonlight. The Yin and Yang of change needs both. So build your fires, at the kitchen table, on the dance floor, during that meeting, at the protest downtown, in the bedroom, and always, always, in communion with the Earth. There is work that needs tending to, and our collective liberation depends on it.

In (Super Full Moon) Solidarity,




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