Podcasts On Heavy Rotation

This time next week we’ll be heading home. As we move closer to our road trip, I’ve been feeling much more peaceful—it’s been a stressful few weeks, and I’m so thankful to have a break! My partner and I are mapping out an itinerary this weekend (keeping things flexible, of course!). I decided to get an early start in the audio department by making sure we have a variety of quality music, podcasts, and other fun things to listen to during the 18+ hour drive from Texas to Ohio. Christian Totty Podcast RoundupI started the process by reviewing my current favorite podcasts, and creating a new mix tape on Spotify. I’ll continue to add to the mix during the coming week. I’d like to have at least 50-75 tunes, so I have my work cut out for me! During my morning run, I’ve been listening to podcasts (some old, some new), which has been a helpful way to keep track of my favorites. I’ve compiled a list of those on heavy rotation—

A Sustainable Mind


Bon Appétit Foodcast

Code Switch

Food52 Burnt Toast Podcast

Food Heaven Podcast

On Being

These are just a *few that I love, but I know there are many more. What essential listening did I leave out?  In case you’re curious, the t-shirt is from Soapbox Tees, a Cincy-based clothing company.

xo, Christian



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