Bullet Journal Essentials

Recently, I decided to start a Bullet Jounal after reading an article on Buzzfeed. In truth, my first exposure to this concept was back in 2010 while I was on the board at the Chicago Freedom School. One of my fellow board directors utilized a #BuJo, with serious expertise, and it was inspiring to witness her process.The biggest take away for me was how organized, clean, and creative her notebook looked. As a student, and someone who appreciates structure and simplicity, the Bullet Journal provides a healthy dose of both. There are minimal materials required to make a journal of this caliber, and today I’ve rounded up the top four essentials you’ll need to get started! Bullet JournalMy current Bullet Journal was Free.99! Next time, I want to try one that is larger, with a hardcover and dotted pages, like this classic Moleskine notebook. Writing down all of my tasks, notes, ideas is a breeze with my favorite fine point sharpie pens. I’m a big fan of smart storage solutions, and this double pen carrier case is the bomb.com. Another essential for a project like this is a ruler. I don’t own one at the moment (a piece of paper did the trick) bur for future reference, I love this clean and sturdy Helix metal folding ruler. If you’re thinking about delving into the world of bullet journaling, check out the official Bullet Journal website to get started.

No matter what your preferred style or tools may be, the practice of journaling can be a rad way to process thoughts and emotions. It’s an all around affordable, accessible, and awesome form of self-care. Happy writing!

xo, Christian





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