Freestyle Friday: Volume 25

This week I had some time off to relax before the next quarter begins. Summer always seems to fly by so fast, and I want to make sure to enjoy it as much as possible. In honor of long days and nights, I put together a mood board with a few items that have caught my eye this summer.
Freestyle Friday- Volume 25

Alex Elle’s #ANote2Self Meditation Journal set has definitely been on my list for some time. I think it will be a great creative tool to help document the last year of graduate school—perhaps plan a few projects, too!

Bon weekend friends :)


  1. Arden Sunglasses via Moorea Seal
  2. Hannah Dress Sun Kissed via Ace & Jig
  3. #ANote2Self Meditation Journal via Alex Elle
  4. Diamond Strap Clog via Moorea Seal
  5. Coco Rose Body Polish via Moorea Seal

Cover image via Moorea Seal



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